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For me, the journey to becoming a Massage Therapist began in my late twenties when I fell in love with fitness, health and wellness. The more I enjoyed my lifestyle and the better I felt, the more I was compelled to help the people around me feel better too. Eventually the path I was on would show me very clearly, I needed to make a career change.


As a Massage Therapist, I am able to work with different levels of athletes as they achieve their own fitness and sport goals. It also means I can help people through their healing process or simply be the energy and space they need to recharge.


I am registered with the College of Massage Therapy of Ontario and completed my massage therapy diploma at Ontario College of Health & Technology. I practice General Swedish Massage, and utilize various techniques to address impairments, ease symptoms, and improve joint and tissue health.


I was born and raised in Hamilton and prior to becoming a Massage Therapist 

I earned a Bachelor of Commerce from Ryerson University. I enjoy being active, and feel fortunate to live in Hamilton where I have the option to run alongside a

Great Lake or ride my bike up a 'mountain.' 

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